Let me conclude this “authorship” search with the verdict of those 32 scholars, backed by their 50 co-operating denominations. God had been eliminated from this authorship race long ago. In the RSV by “Collins,” invaluable notes on “The Books of the Bible” are to be found at the back of their production. I am reproducing only a bit of that information on below.

We start with “Genesis” – the first book of the Bible. The scholars say about its “Author”: “One of the ‘five books of Moses’.” Note the words “five books of Moses” are written in inverted commas – “ “ This is a subtle way of admitting that this is what people say – that it is the book of Moses, that Moses was its author, but we (the 32 scholars) who are better informed, do not subscribe to that tittle-tattel.

The next four books, “Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy”:

  • Author? “Generally credited to Moses.” This is the same category as the book of Genesis.
  • Who is the author of the book of ‘Judges’? Possibly Samuel.” 
  • Who is the author of the book of ‘Joshua’? Major part credited to Joshua.” 
  • Who is the author of ‘Ruth’? “Not definitely known” 

And Who Is The Author Of:

1st Samuel? Author is “unknown

2st Samuel? Author is “unknown

1st king? Author is “unknown

2st king? Author is “unknown

1st chronicles? Author is “unknown probably…

2st chronicles? Author is “likely collected…

Genesis? One of the “five books of Moses.

Exodus? Generally credited to Moses.

Leviticus? Generally credited to Moses

Numbers? Generally credited to Moses

Deuteronomy? Generally credited to Moses

Joshua? Major part credited to joshua

Judges? Possibly Samuel

Ruth? Not definitely known, perhaps Samuel

First Samuel? Unknown

Second Samuel? Unknown

First kings? Unknown

Second kings? Unknown

First chronicles? Unknown, probably edited by Ezra

Second chronicles? Is likely collected and edited by Ezra

Ezra? Probably written or edited by Ezra

Esther? Unknown

Job? Unknown

Psalms? Principally David, though there are other writers

Ecclesiastes? Doubtful, but commonly assigned to Solomon

Isaiah? Mainly credited to Isaiah. or written by others

Jonah? Unknown

Habakkuk? Nothing known of the place or time of his birth

The Above Facts Are From Collins’ R.S.V. 1971. Pages 12-17

And so the story goes. The authors of these anonymous books are either “UNKNOWN” or are “PROBABLY” or “LIKELY” or are of “DOUBTFUL” origin. Why blame God for this fiasco?

The Long-suffering and Merciful God did not wait for two thousand years for Bible scholars to tell us that He was not the Author of Jewish peccadilloes, prides and prejudices; of their lusts, wranglings, jealousies and enormities. He said it openly what they do:

“Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: This is from Allah, to traffic with it for miserable price! Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby.” (Quran 2:79)

Note: (“The Bible” – “The World’s Best Seller!” the Publishers of the RSV made a net profit of 15 000 000 dollars on the first edition alone’ “What a miserable price in exchange for eternity!”)

We could have started the thesis of this book with the above Quranic verse and ended with it, with the satisfaction that God Almighty had Himself delivered His verdict on the subject – “Is the Bible God’s Word?”, but we wished to afford our Christian brethren an opportunity to study the subject as objectively as they wished. (See Dr Scroggie’s plea in chapter 5.) Allowing believing Christians, “reborn” Christians, and their own Holy Book the Bible to testify against their “better” judgement.

What about the Holy Quran? Is the Quran the Word of God? The author of this humble publication has endeavoured to answer this question in a most scientific manner in his book “The Quran – The Miracle of Miracles”. Also see The Amazing Quran by Dr Gary Miller.


The reader must by now be convinced, that is if he has an open mind, that the Bible is not what it is claimed to be by the protagonists of Christianity. For nearly four decades people have asked me as to how I have such an “in depth” knowledge of the Bible and Christianity.

Frankly speaking my present position as a Muslim “expert” on Judaism and Christianity is not of my own volition. I have been forced into being what I am.

Early provocation

It was in 1939 when I was working as a shop assistant at Adams Mission near a Christian seminary by that name; producing preachers and priests, that I and my fellow Muslim workers were the target of young aspiring men of the cloth. Not a day passed when these young Christians did not harass me or my brothers-in-faith, through insults which they piled on Islam, the Holy Prophet and the Quran.

Being a sensitive young man of 20, I spent sleepless nights in tears for not being able to defend the one dearer to me than my own life, that mercy unto all mankind – Muhammad I resolved to study the Quran, the Bible and other literature. My discovery of the book – “Izharul Haq” was the turning point in my life. After a short while I was able to invite the trainee missionaries of Adams Mission College and cause them to perspire under the collar until they developed a respect for Islam and its Holy Apostle.

Muslims under constant attack

It made me ponder as to how so many unwary Muslims are being constantly assaulted by Christian evangelists who carry out a door to door campaign, and being invited in by the proverbially hospitable Muslim, I thought of how the merciless missionary munched the samoosas and punched the wind out of the Muslim with snide remarks against his beliefs.

Determined to bring home to the Muslims their right to defend themselves and to arm them with enough knowledge to counter the hot gospeller, the door to door pedlar of Christianity and the shameless insulter of Islam and its Holy Apostle; I humbly undertook to deliver lectures to show the Muslim masses that they had nothing to fear from the assaults of the Christians. My lectures were also an invitation to the Christians to witness the truth of Islam and the fabrications which had penetrated the true teachings of Jesus.

Attack is not new

Christian Missionaries in the past hundred years and more have challenged Muslims on many aspects and quite a number of these challenges have, to my knowledge, gone answered or have been partly answered. Perhaps by the will of Allah my contribution in this field can also be answers or part answers to the challenges of the detractors of Islam. It is of supreme importance that we do not go by default.

One such challenge comes to mind viz. Geo G. Harris the author of “How to lead Muslims to Christ”. This missionary who tried to convert the Muslims of China says in the usual arrogant and condecending manner of the Westerner on page 19 under the heading – “The theory or charge of corruption.”
“we now come to the most serious charge by the Moslem world, against our Christian Scriptures. There are three aspects of this charge.

1. That the Christian scriptures have been so changed and altered that they bear little, if any, resemblance to the glorious Gospel praised in the Quran. This can be answered by the asking of one of the following questions: Wherein have these been so changed or altered? Can you obtain a copy of a true Gospel and show it that I may compare it with mine? At what date in past history was the unaltered Gospel in circulation?

2. That our Gospels have suffered corruption. The following five questions are definite and we have a perfect right to ask them;

a) Was such corruption or alteration intentional?
b) Can you point out in my Bible one such passage?
c) How did this passage read originally?
d) When, by whom, how or why was it corrupted or altered?
e) Was such, corruption of the text or of the meaning?

3. That our Gospels are “faked” substitutes for the original Gospel. Or that our Gospels are the handiwork of men, not the Noble Gospel which descended upon Jesus. A little questioning will usually reveal the true situation, that usually the Moslem making the charge is woefully ignorant of the Bible or New Testament as it actually existed in the past or exists today.

Before going on to the latter half of this discussion, a reminder is important that as soon as the objector is willing to sense the flimsiness of such a charge we should press home some teaching from our scriptures, that our effort may be positive and not negative.

Have Muslims the answer?

Have we as Muslims no answers for these questions? If you, gentle reader have read this book you will admit that Ceo G. Harris has no feet to stand on. I have been able to give actual pages from the Bible to disprove his assertions.

Muslims challenged

On page 16 of Geo G. Harris’ book he teaches his comrades a basic missionary rule in order to corner the Muslim prospective:

“In this chapter it is assumed that the question of the authenticity and genuineness of our scriptures has been raised by the Mohammedan. When this is the case, before we undertake defence of our position we should bear in mind a basic rule. “the burden of proof rests with the Moslem.”