There is no god but Allah

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“Say: He is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him." (Quran 112:1-4)

Introduction to Islam

Islam is not a new religion because ‘submission to the will of God’, has always been the only acceptable religion in the sight of God. For this reason, Islam is the true ‘natural religion’, and it is the same eternal message rev Continue

The Quran: English text & commentary (pdf)

All 114 chapters of the Quran in English, translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. It is the most respected translation of the meaning of the holy Quran today. Along with commentary for each verse making it easy to understand Continue

The Quran: English & Arabic recitation (mp3)

All 114 chapters of the Quran in mp3 files. Which you can listen to even download them. The recitation is done by Sheikh Nadir Al-Qallawi, and the translation is read by Mr. Phelps (Bilal Abdul-Karim) from USA Continue

Stories of people who became muslims

Alexander Russel Webb, Dr. Myra Williamson, Bruce Paterson, Cat Stevens, Cecilla Cannoly, Yusuf Estes, Le Gai Eaton, Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Erin Sumaya Fannoun, Sara Bokker, Jemima Khan, Jermaine Jackson, Kaci Continue

The big questions!

At some point in our lives, everybody asks the big questions: “Who made us”, and “Why are we here?” The first of the two big questions in life is, "Who made us?" As we are creation, God is the Creator. Now, let us turn Continue

Why do priests enter Islam?

Strangely enough, the word "Trinity" is not in the Bible. And it has been a concern for religious scholars as early as 200 years after Jesus was raised up by Almighty God. I would ask preachers or ministers to give me Continue

Top 10 reasons why Jesus is not God

Women in Islam vs women in Christianity

I would like to emphasize in this introduction that my purpose for this study is not to denigrate Judaism or Christianity. As Muslims, we believe in the divine origins of both. No one can be a Muslim without believing in Moses Continue

The Five Pillars of Islam

The sturnbling block in the Shahadah for most Christians and Jews consists of testifying to the fact that Muhammad was the messenger of Allah. While it must be emphasized that this phrase does not imply that Prophet Continue

Christianity - Past and present

The question that one is obliged to ask is: Has Christianity remained in the state in which it was originally revealed by God to His servant and Messenger Jesus? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to bring Continue

Jesus and Mary in the Quran

We sent her Our angel, and he appeared before her as a man in all respects. After seeing the angel, she said: "I seek refuge from thee to (God) Most Gracious: come not near if thou dost fear God." The angel Gabriel Continue

What they said about prophet Muhammad?

It is impossible for anyone who studies the life and character of the great Prophet of Arabia, who knew how he taught and how he lived, to feel anything but reverence for that mighty Prophet, one of the great messengers Continue

Pauline Theology

“What Paul proclaimed as ‘Christianity’ was sheer heresy which could not be based on the Jewish or Essene faith, or on the teaching of Rabbi Jesus.  But, as Schonfield says, ‘The Pauline heresy became the foundatiion Continue

Is Muhammed in the bible?


Islam is ..

Islam is not named after a tribe of people or after an individual, as Judaism is named after the Tribe of Judah, Christianity is named after Christ, and Buddhism is named after Buddha. Islam was not a name chosen by Continue

The message of false religion

There are so many sects, cults, religions, philosophies, and movements in the world, all of which claim to be the right way or the only true path of God How can one determine which one is correct or whether, in fact, all are co Continue

Biographical documentary of Muhammad

An excellent documentary for those who want to learn about Prophet Muhammed: his life, appearance & achievements. Includes interviews with notable Western scholars. Best choice for those who want to learn Continue

Jesus - The 'god' that never was

Numerous quotations from the Bible are given below to prove that Jesus neither shared the nature of God, nor is he in every way like God. He can, therefore, never be God. We have given the quotations from the Continue

The Bible, the Quran and science

Many readers of the Gospels are embarrassed and even abashed when they stop to think about the meaning of certain descriptions. The majority of Christians knew only selected sections of the Gospels that were Continue

Cat Stevens, former pop star

When I received the book (Koran), a guidance that would explain everything to me - who I was; what was the purpose of life; what was the reality and what would be the reality; and where I came from - I realized that this Continue

The concepts of God

In turn the Europeans inflicted their tri-theology on their colonies. They gave a man-God, more handsome than the “Gods” of the natives. And look how they have transformed him in pictures, sculptures and in the movies. He Continue

The challenge of the Quran

The Quran, however, is way above this level, as attempts to forge chapters have been made throughout the ages, yet none has withstood close scrutiny. And, as was mentioned before, the incentive to imitate the Holy Qur Continue

Who made-up the Trinity?

The most that the Paulinian Church could hope to achieve was the systematic and complete suppression of all the Judeo-Christian writings which clearly and unequivocally affirmed the Oneness of God as well as confirmi Continue

A brief message to non-muslims

The purpose of this article is to invite you to think of and contemplate about the real purpose of your life on this earth and where you will end up in the Hereafter. Will you end up in Paradise or in Hell-Fire? Please, take Continue

Jesus Christ - Through a muslim lens

Jesus of Nazareth is the most widely revered religious figure in the world. Not only is he central to Christianity, the largest religion in the world, he is also venerated throughout Islam, the world's second largest faith. Christ Continue

The Koran: Translated and explained

Readily accepted by many modern Muslims, that the Quran has been ‘deliberately misrepresented’ by its Western translators. For, although it cannot be denied that among the existing translations in almost all Continue

Margaret Peggy Marcus

When I asked them why I had to die and what would happen to me after death, all they could say was that I had to accept the inevitable; but that was a long way off and because medical science was constantly cha Continue

What did they say about Islam?

"I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. it is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which Continue

Mary the mother of Jesus

The Bible is unable to give us any details of Mary’s birth; however, the Quran informs us that the wife of Imran dedicated her unborn child to the service of God. Mary’s mother, the wife of Imran, was Hannah. She was the Continue

What drives people to convert to Islam?

No one - Muslim or otherwise - would argue that critical thinking and reflection can be a major catalyst for changing ones life. Critical thinking has been used by many to improve their lives simply because a critical thinker Continue

Muhammad - The natural successor to Christ

“The Prophet of Islam was foretold in many ways; and when he came he showed forth many Clear Signs, for his whole life from beginning to end was one vast miracle. He fought and won against odds. Without learning Continue

The hidden truth in Barnabas

It was Paul himself who pointed out that if Jesus was neither crucified nor raised from the dead, then the bottom falls out of the Paulinian thesis: “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your Continue

Sara Bokker, former actress and model

I am an American woman who was born in the midst of America’s “Heartland”. I grew up, just like any other girl, being fixated with the glamour of life in “the big city”. Eventually, I moved to Florida and on to South Continue

Is the Bible God's word?

How do we know that a book claimed to be from God is really the Book of God? One of the tests, out of many such tests, is that a Message emanating from an Omniscient Being must be consistent with itself. It ought to Continue

Misconceptions about Islam

Muslims worship the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus. However, it is certainly true that Jews, Christians and Muslims all have different concepts of Almighty God. For example, Muslims - like Jews Continue

When I wear the hijab

I felt elegant and more relaxed. I often wonder why people say nothing about the veil of the Catholic nan but criticize vehemently the veil of а Muslim woman regarding it as а symbol of terrorism and oppression. If it Continue

The Quran and Bible's misconceptions

In contrast to the Bible, therefore, we are presented with a text that is none other than the transcript of the Revelation itself; the only way it can be received and interpreted is literally. The purity of the revealed text Continue

Why choose Islam?

Let's talk frankly. Almost never do non-Muslims study Islam until they have first exhausted the religions of their exposure. Only after they have grown dissatisfied with the religions familiar to them, meaning Judaism, Continue

The Old Testament

"The Bible has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies." (Mark Twain). Let's begin by putting "two of every sort (of animal) Continue

Did Islam spread by the sword?

You do not have to be a historian like O'Leary to know that the Muslims ruled Spain for 736 years. The longest the Christians ever ruled over Muslims was 500 years in Mozambique, a territory captured from an Arab gov Continue

Yusuf Estes - Convert to Islam

Many people ask me how a preacher or priest in Christianity can ever go to Islam, especially considering all the negative things that we hear about Islam and Muslims everyday. Some people are simply curious, while Continue

FAQ about Islam

What is Islam? What is the Quran? Why most Muslims are fundamentalists? Why alcohol and pork are prohibited in Islam? Why does Islam order women to wear Hijab? Why choose Islam? Who is Muhammad? Why vast Continue

Crucifixion or cruci-fiction?

The Jews were in extreme haste to have Jesus done away with. Remember the midnight trial? Early in the morning, they dragged him to Pilate. From Pilate to Herod. From Herod back to Pilate. According to a bois Continue

The Islamic Creed

Assuredly, if (as many people believe) religion were simply a device invented by the human being to explain the world of nature or for ordering human affairs, human beings would have been able to arrive at satisfactory Continue

American women accepting Islam

My conversion began as the result of a challenge by a Muslim to read the Careen in order for us to have a debate on the position of. I held the stereo typical view of Muslim women as being oppressed and in a bad Continue

Islam: The next American religion

Islam is egalitarian. From New York to California, the only houses of worship that are routinely integrated today are the approximately 4,000 Muslim mosques. That is because Islam is predicated on a level playing Continue

The Six Articles of faith

The Islamic view of the Final Judgment stands in sharp contrast to that of both Judaism and Christianity. In Islam, belief is a necessary condition for final reward and salvation, but it is not a sufficient condition, in and of Continue

The Gospel of Barnabas

Both those who have a vested interest in attempting to 'prove' that the Gospel of Barnabas is a 'forgery' and those who simply want to be able to establish the truth of the matter, whatever it may be, are quick to point out Continue

Quranic verses to reflect on..

“We gave Moses the Book and followed him up with a succession of messengers; We gave Jesus the son of Mary Clear (Signs) and strengthened him with the holy spirit. Is it that whenever there comes to you a - Continue

Discover Islam

The Islamic creed did not begin with the prophet- hood of Muhammad, nor was it invented by him. It is essentially the same message contained in previous divine scriptures and taught by all prophets of Allah. Isla Continue

Who is Jehovah?

Astonishing as it may sound, it is an admitted fact that prior to the sixteenth century, the word “Jehovah,” was unheard of. Whenever the origin of this word appeared in its true Hebrew form in Jewish Scriptures (read Continue

Converted by the 'sword' of Islam

It continues to pierce the hearts of countless men and women even today, in spite of the relentless efforts by persons with vested interests who like darkness to prevail, so that they may rob people of their good thing Continue

Islam: The fastest growing religion in USA

There are now as many as 7 million Muslims in the United States, half of them American-born. In recent years, Americans of African, European, Southeast Asian, Latin American and American Indian descent have Continue

The concepts of God

In turn the Europeans inflicted their tri-theology on their colonies. They gave a man-God, more handsome than the “Gods” of the natives. And look how they have transformed him in pictures, sculptures and in the movies. Continue

Creationism, intelligent design or Islam?

Old earth creationism, flood geology, the big bang theory, evolutionary biology, the common descent theory, and macroevolution. What does it all mean?
For many people it must be a kind of lottery, or a theory Continue

Jesus Christ in Islam

Thus Jesus defended his mother from the grave calumny and innuendoes of her enemies. This is the very first miracle attributed to Jesus in the Quran that, he spoke as an infant from his mother’s arms. Contrast this Continue

Understanding conversion into Islam

Although conversion is a phenomenon that is completely unique to everyone, nevertheless, those who are serious about it will all undoubtedly undergo self-examination of some kind in order to embrace a new way of life and Continue

The Trinity led me to Islam

I spoke to some ministers, and several attempts were made to explain the Trinity. None of them convinced me. I continued to read the Bible, searching for the truth. Obviously I am not a scholar in the Christian religion Continue

Hijab: Unveiling the mystery

In a society which shamelessly publicly exposes a women's body and intimate requirements, where nudity somehow symbolizes the expression of a woman's freedom, and where the most lustful desires of men are Continue

How Islam came to British Isles?

When Pope Urban 2nd launched the First Crusades, he chastised the knights present for their behaviour: 'You oppressors of orphans, you robbers of widows, you homicides, you blasphemers, you plunderers of others' Continue

Islamic and Christian articles

List of articles about Islam, the Quran, the Bible, prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Christianity, God, religion, converts stories, science and Quran, contradictions, facts and misconceptions about Islamic faith Continue

Islam and Unitarians

Unitarians and Muslims both believe that the New Testament is an uncertain guide to the actual events of this early period. This does not mean that there is not truth there, although details and interpretations vary. Muslims Continue