Islam To Over take Europe its Gods Will, say BYE to 3 God worshipping Christianity
(1) God,
(2) Holy Ghost
(3) St Paul all the teaching christians follow today are St Paul’s the founder of Christianity not Prophet Jesus the Mighty prophet of Islam & Get ready to Worship 1 God only who is the creator of you & me & every other human being. Which ever name you use for him in any language he is still One.

Islam wont be over taking Europe by 2050 it will happen a lot sooner lol, im just kidding so don’t smash your computer screen just yet.

Hate filled media brain washing the thick English & the nasty French, Media playing a
“”ENORMOUS ROLE”” in brain washing the Masses, especially the news channels like the BBC NEWS,SKY NEWS,CNN,FOX NEWS in brain washing people by constantly “”BOMBARDING PEOPLE”” with “”MISINFORMATION”” 24/7 without a break.

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Everyone go & check out link below & if your honest you will agree with Micheal H Hart
“The 100 most influential men in History” by Michael H Hart

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