This is an inspirational true Story with many great benefits of the last and final Messenger sent to mankind PROPHET MUHAMMAD PEACE be upon him who was sent to the whole of mankind as a Mercy.

Allah says in the Quran “I have sent you ‘O Prophet’ only as a Mercy for the whole world”

This story testifies to his credibility with the people even before being summed as a Messenger from the Almighty. Now In the years before revelation, the Quraysh decided to rebuild the Ka’abah. The Kabah for those that didn’t know was the very first house of worship built by Abraham and his son Ismail for the worship of the One God.

A note to Remember also is that Muslims do not worship the Kaaba nor do we worship the black stone, Muslims worship only God alone. No partners, no children, no parents, no saints, no man nor women, none but the Creator do we worship and Not his creation as many people do, but just God Almighty alone.

Now When it came to rebuilding the foundation, the nobles of Quraysh began to argue which could have erupted into tribal conflict and violence over who should have the honor of setting the sacred Black Stone in its proper place

They finally agreed that the next man who entered the sanctuary should arbitrate the matter. By his mid-30’s, Muhammad had earned the title of Al-Ameen (the trustworthy) for his reputation as one of the most honest and upright men in Mecca:

The Prophet was distinguished among his people for his modesty, virtuous behavior and graceful manners. He proved himself to be the ideal of manhood and to possess a spotless character. He was the most obliging to his fellow citizens, the most honest in talk and the mildest in temper. He was the most gentle-hearted, chaste, and hospitable. He always impressed people by his piety-inspiring expressions. He was the most truthful and the best to keep his word, promises, and covenant. His fellow citizens gave him the title of Al-Ameen.(the trustworthy)

Not surprisingly, when Muhammad entered the premises, the Meccan chiefs were happy to let Al-Ameen arbitrate the matter. After listening to all sides of the debate, Muhammad decided that the stone should be placed on a cloak and raised by all. Once it was lifted the correct level, he would position it himself. They agreed with his decision and supported him as he set the stone in its appropriate place.”

Let us follow in the footsteps of Al-Ameen (the trustworthy) and be trustworthy ourselves, let us follow in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and be kind, merciful, giving and charitable, morally upright and of noble character obliging to our neighbors and fellow citizens

Let us follow in the footstep of the greatest men who ever wanted this earth the messengers that God Almighty sent like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them all who all Only called people to worship the Creator alone and Not His creation.

Take a moment now and fulfill one of those qualities and that’s of giving towards the Dawah something all of these great giants did and called people to do. Help us reach our yearly goal for Ramadan, Help be part of sharing the truth
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