The laws which exist in the 'Christian' countries of the West today - the laws governing birth and death, the formation and dissolution of marriage, the rights over property within and outside marriage, or in the event of divorce or death, adoption and guardianship, commerce and industry and all the rest - are not to be found in the Gospels. The laws which define what constitutes criminal behavior and the various penalties for such behavior, are no longer derived from the Bible. Murderers are no longer executed, for example, and adulterers are no longer stoned to death. Some laws, such as those which legalise usury in all its forms, flatly contradict what has in fact always been forbidden by God. Most of these laws are not laws which have been revealed to man by God.

Christian Laws

There are thousands prophecies in the Old Testament regarding the coming of a Messiah (the term 'Messiah' is translated as 'Christ'). There is not one single prophecy where Jesus is mentioned by name. And not a single Prophecy where it says that the name of the Messiah will be Jesus, and that his mother's name will be Mary, that his supposed father will be Joseph the carpenter; that he will be born in the reign of Herod the King, etc. etc.? No! There are no such details! Then how can Christians conclude that those 'thousand' Prophecies refer to Jesus?!

Ahmad Deedat

“Not a messenger did We send before thee without this inspiration sent by Us to him: that there is no god but I; therefore worship and serve Me.”

Quran 21:25