Crucifixion on good Wed or on good Friday? By Ahmad Deedat

In my country, we enjoy a four day holiday around Easter, beginning with what is called Good Friday. What makes Good Friday good? They say that because Christ died for their sins on that day. And in tune with that, every Christian country in the world – Britain, France, Germany, America, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, they all commemorate Good Friday. I have already proved to you that Jesus could not have been on the cross for more than three hours, if at all. For all their rush and hurry, they could not bundle Jesus into the tomb before sunset of Friday.

More than a thousand and one sects and denominations of Christianity, bickering on every aspect of faith, are nevertheless, almost all agreed that Jesus Christ was supposed to have been in the tomb on the night of Friday. He was still supposed to be in the tomb on the day of Saturday. And he was still supposed to be in the tomb on the night of Saturday.

(We are dividing the 24 hour day into day part and night part exactly as Jesus had. As a Jew, he was reckoning time exactly like a Jew, not according to any heathen calculation. Like those of the Romans from midnight to midnight. His people the Jews, to this day, reckon the day from sunset to sunset).

But on Sunday morning, the first day of the week, when Mary Magdalene visited the tomb, she found the tomb empty. you will note that I have repeated the word supposed, supposed, supposed, three times. Do you know why?

Surely not to rhyme with the other three, three, three of the prophecy. The reason is that none of the 27 Books of the New Testament record the time of his exit from the tomb.

Not a single writer of these 27 ‘tomes’ (A volume, a large book) was an eyewitness to his alleged ‘resurrection’. The only ones who could have told us, authoritatively, a word or two on the subject, have been utterly silenced.

May another Arab lad makes a find like the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’, but this time autographed by Joseph of Arimathe’a and Nicodemus themselves! These two would have told us candidly how they had taken their Master soon after dark that very Friday evening, to a more congenial place for rest and recuperation. Is it not amazing that the only genuine witnesses have been eternally silenced? Could it be that these two and the disciples at Jerusalem were preaching about ‘another Jesus, and another Gospel’? 2 Corinthians 11:4

Easy additions
If it was the time factor that Jesus was trying to stress in the prophecy under discussion, let us see whether that was fulfilled, ‘according to the scriptures’, as the Christians boast.

You will no doubt observe that the grand total amounts to no more than One day and two nights and, juggle as you may, you will never, ever get three days and three nights as Jesus had himself foretold, ‘according to the Scriptures’. Even Einstein, the Master mathematician, cannot help you for this!

Can’t you see the Christian is giving a double lie to Jesus from this one prophecy alone. Jesus said, that he would be ‘like’ Jonah!

1. The Christians allege that Jesus was ‘unlike’ Jonah. Jonah was alive for three days and three nights, whereas Jesus was ‘Dead’ in the tomb!(?)

2. Jesus said that he would be in the tomb for three days and three nights, whereas the Christians say that he was in the tomb for only One day and two nights. Who is lying, Jesus or the Christians?

Count backwards to solve dilemma
For all their learning, you have got them hooked. And, they know it! We must not relent. The Christians are already inventing a way out of this dilemma. They have now invented the ‘Good Wednesday’ theory. ‘The Plain Truth’ with its monthly free worldwide circulation of 6 million copies, is offering further free books on the subject of ‘Three days and three nights’. There are other organisations in South Africa, like ‘Bible Revelation’ Johannesburg, who are also offering free books to prove that the ‘crucifixion’ took place on a Good Wednesday, and not on a Good Friday.

Mr. Robert Fahey from that great country, America – where almost all (?) new cults originate eg. the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Seventh Day Adventists, the Christian Scientists, the Mormons, you name them, and they have them – representing that premier Christian magazine, named in the previous paragraph, lectured recently in the ‘Holiday Inn’, Durban. He startled his overwhelmingly Christian audiences with a lot of novel ideas. Among these newfangled doctrines was one about Good Wednesday. He agreed 100% with the present writer’s conclusion that Good Friday was actually disproving Christ’s claim to be the Messiah.

To solve this problem he suggested that we count backwards from the time he was discovered to be missing from the tomb, viz. on that Sunday morning, (‘first day of the week’) when Mary Magdalene went to anoint him. If we deduct 3 days and 3 nights from Sunday morning, we ought to get Wednesday as an answer. It is not difficult from here to get your three days and three nights to resolve the Christian dilemma. The audience, already pre-prepared with a flood of free magazines and literature, gave Mr. Fahey a resounding applause.

God or the devil?
After the meeting, during a personal discussion (The Christians do not allow their speakers to be questioned in public), I congratulated Mr. Fahey for his ingenuity. ‘How was it possible for the past two thousand years, that the Christian world had not known their religious arithmetic to get their sums right?’ Even to this day the bulk of Christendom commemorate a Good Friday instead of a Good Wednesday. ‘Who has deceived the 1,200,000,000 Christians of the world, including the Roman Catholics who claim an unbroken chain of Popes from the first Pope (Peter) to the present Pope, into falsely celebrating Good Friday?’, I asked Mr. Fahey.

Mr. Fahey, unashamedly answered: ‘The Devil!’ I said, ‘If the Devil can succeed in confusing the Christians, and keep them confused for two thousand years in the most simple aspect of Faith, how much easier it would be for the Devil to mislead them in things concerning God?’

Mr. Fahey blushed and walked away. If this is the belief of the trendsetters of Christianity (At the rate of this cults progress, before long the whole Christian world will opt for a ‘Good Wednesday’), we may well ask, ‘is this ‘crucifixion’ not the mightiest hoax in history?’ Should we not, now, more appropriately, call it cruci-fiction!