When I wear the hijab, By a Japanese girl

Until I visited the main mosque in Paris I had nothing to do with Islam; neither the prayers nor the Hijab were familiar to me. The benefits of observing Hijab became clear to me following a lecture at the mosque when I kept my scarf on even after leaving the building. The lecture had filled me with such a previously unknown spiritual satisfaction that I simply did not want to remove it. I did feel different, somehow purified and perfected; I felt as if I was in Allah’s company. In my Hijab I went unnoticed, protected from impolite

My Hijab made me happy. It was both a sign of my obedience to Allah and A manifestation of my faith. I did not need to utter beliefs, the Hijab stated them clearly for all to see, especially to fellow Muslims, and thus it helped to strengthen the bond of sisterhood in Islam. Wearing the Hijab soon became spontaneous, albeit purely voluntary. No human being could force me to wear it; if they had, perhaps I would have rebelled and rejected it.

The Hijab reminds people who see it that Allah exists, and it serves as A constant reminder to me that I should conduct myself as A Muslim.

Just as police officers are more professionally aware while in uniform, so I had A stronger sense of being A Muslim wearing my Hijab.

Men treated us with respect and special politeness. A woman wearing A Hijab shares A sisterhood, a Muslim gives her salaam to another Muslim woman she crosses in the street, whether she knows her or not.

I felt elegant and more relaxed. I often wonder why people say nothing about the veil of the Catholic nan but criticize vehemently the veil of A Muslimah (Muslim woman) regarding it as A symbol of terrorism and oppression.

Once on A train, the elderly man next to me asked why I was dressed in such an unusual fashion. When I explained that I was A Muslimah and that Islam commands women to cover their bodies so as not to trouble men who are weak and unable to resist temptation, he seemed impressed. When he left the train, he thanked me. In this instance, the Hijab prompted A discussion on Islam with A Japanese man who would not naturally be accustomed to talking about religion.

Indeed, it was I who also felt uneasy looking at my younger sister’s legs while she wore short pants. I have often been embarrassed, even before declaring Islam, by the sight of A woman’s bosom and hips clearly outlined by tight, thin clothing. I felt that I was seeing something secret. If such A sight embаrrasses me, one of the same sex, it is not difficult to imagine the effect on men.

If A nudist were to ask A ‘liberated’ female who rejects the Hijab why she still covers her bosoms and hips which are as natural as her hands and face, could she give any honest answer?

But in Islam we have no such problems: Allah has defined what may and may not be bared, and we follow. Just as A short skirt can send the signal that the wearer is available to men, so the Hijab signals, loud and clear, I am forbidden for you.

If it oppresses women, why are so many well-educated young women in Europe, America, Japan, Australia, indeed all over the world, abandoning “liberty” and “independence” and embracing Islam?

A person blinded by prejudice may not see it, but A woman in Hijab is brightly beautiful as an angel, full of self-confidence, serenity, and dignity. No sign of oppression scars her face.

When I wear the hijaab I please God
I am obeying the commands of my Lord when I wear the Hijab. I can expect great rewards in return.

It is Allah’s protection of my natural beauty. I am too precious to be on display for each man to see. It is Allah’s preservation of my chastity. Allah purifies my heart and mind through the Hijab. Allah beautifies my inner and outer countenance with Hijab. Outwardly, my Hijab reflects innocence, purity, modesty, shyness, serenity, contentment and obedience to my Lord. Inwardly I cultivate the same.

Allah defines my femininity through the Hijab. I am A woman who respects her womanhood. Allah wants me to be respected by others, and for me to respect myself.

Allah raises my dignity through my Hijab. When A strange man looks at me he respects me because he sees that I respect myself.

Allah protects my honor 100% through my Hijab. Men do not gaze at me in A sensual way, they do not approach me in A sensual way, and neither do they speak to me in A sensual way. Rather, A man holds me in high esteem and that is just by one glance at me!

Allah gives me nobility through the Hijab. I am noble not degraded because I am covered not naked. I define my role as A Muslim woman through the Hijab. I am someone with important duties.

Allah expresses my independence through the Hijab. I am stating clearly that I am an obedient servant of the Greatest Master. I will obey no one else and follow no other way. I am not A slave to any man, nor A slave to any nation. I am free and independent from all man-made systems.

My hijab gives me unique confidence. Allah wants others to treat me – A Muslim woman ­ with kindness and the Hijab brings about the best treatment of men towards me.